How to manage your emotions as a Woman Leader.

Imposter tendency, Overt Self Criticism, and Insecurity seem to be the common themes among Women Leaders.

I want to share my personal experience around this and share what has helped me.

Along with other things like coaching, around 2 years ago, I started practicing these simple things, and I have seen a major shift in how I am dealing with my mistakes and my emotions.

  • I started naming my emotions outwardly either by saying it out or journaling it down and out instead of letting it dwell inside of me.
  • Started creating some space between my feelings and myself.
  • And finally started watching my actions and reactions as a third person like I am watching a movie, to make sure I learn what I need to learn and leave behind all useless rumination of self-criticism.
  • I am being kind to myself and it has helped me open my perceptions, my field of vision. I feel confident, relaxed and so comfortable taking my space and owning who I really am.

The concepts described in this Ted talk by Susan David are so valuable and I would strongly encourage you to listen. Link: