Guest Blogs

I amplify the voice of Women and Women of Color.  Here are some handpicked top-notch guest blogs from kickass Women Leaders. Enjoy! 

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Conversations about vaccination: Show patients you understand and care

Physicians rarely get angry with patients. We’ve been selected and trained to feel compassion...but that’s changing. Patients we’ve taken care of for decades are now ignoring our advice to get vaccinated. We sympathize when patients don’t follow diet or exercise recommendations; habits are hard to change. This is different..

I have intentionally looked for gratitude during this time of overwhelming illness, isolation, divisiveness, and virtual connections. It is a practice that I work on daily. It may surprise you, but it wasn’t difficult for me to be grateful for virtual meetings...

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Executive Presence For Women Leaders

Research conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), a nonprofit research organization in New York defines the three pillars of Executive Presence (EP) as gravitas, communication, and image. Stated differently, EP reflects how you act, how you speak, and how you look..

It was a cold winter morning in January 2021. Another day in the ICU, another day caring for critically ill patients with complex medical conditions, another day caring for patients on their death beds, another day interacting with patients' families and their emotions, another day of putting on a strong face for my patients...

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