8 Power Tips Before You End A Meeting.

As a woman leader, one faces a variety of unique challenges that require practical tactics and strategies to navigate. It is difficult to climb the leadership ladder; it is equally challenging to influence across teams even with an official title. Women leaders face a common dilemma. If she is an assertive leader, she is perceived as too dominant or bossy. If she is not assertive enough, she is seen as weak or a pushover.  

Now imagine that you facilitated a wonderful meeting, the right players were at the table, great decisions were taken and just the right implementation plan was discussed. After a month, you meet the same group of people and no changes from the meeting have been implemented! You see your frustration rising and to make it worse, half of them have already forgotten what was discussed at the meeting and the other half didn’t realize they were supposed to do something. Unfortunately, this scenario is not just a piece of imagination for many women leaders. As a woman leader, it is much more daunting to hold people accountable if they are not in their direct chain of command. 

If you find yourself in a similar position, consider using these eight simple Power Tips before you end a meeting. 

1.     Summarize the key decisions taken.

2.     Make a list of next steps or action items.

3.     Ensure there is an assigned party responsible for each action item and they understand what their responsibility entails.

4.     Be clear about the implementation timeline and accountability for follow-through.

5.     Do not forget to discuss the communication plan to go along with the implementation.

6.     Send a follow-up email or “minutes” reflecting agreed-upon decisions and action items. Remember to include the assigned party for each action item. If possible, coach someone else to take the minutes for you.

7.     In addition, before you end the meeting, ask for feedback. Simple questions like “what went well? What can be improved?” would do.

8.     Finally, yet importantly, end the meeting on a positive note.

My friends, “Keep shining, keep glowing, keep stepping up, and keep demanding more. You are lighting the path of many more than you even know.”