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“I cannot say thank you enough because the blogs are very helpful for a reluctant leader who has impostor syndrome. I have been looking for a book that will help me address my perceived weaknesses and refine how I want to grow into leadership. The articles on critical thinking, lifelong learning and humility address both my personal and professional needs.”

Loreen S Cadiz Kern, MD

Emergency Medicine, Texas

“Words fall short to express my admiration for the work she’s doing and specifically her writing. Priti has the knack for expressing things so succinctly. The internalized wisdom of all she reads and imbibes shines through in her words and resonates with me both at a professional and personal level. I look forward to more from her.”

Nimisha Kanatharia, MS

Consultant Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, Mumbai, India

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4 Power Tips to Honor your Vision.

1. Convert your vision into positive statements. 2. Imagine it and act as if on a daily basis. 3. Start small and celebrate small wins. 4. Schedule feedback sessions with yourself. “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”.

5 Power Tips to effectively communicate difficult decisions.

In today's business and leadership, we all have to take tough decisions. When anxiety is high and it is difficult to keep morale up; we must communicate those decisions clearly and calmly. Here are some practical tips to help you do just that..

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4 Power tips to create a culture of accountability and psychological safety.

A recruiter recently asked me what would be my ideal culture for a new job. Being a driver, I was quick to answer that I am looking for a culture of accountability. And being a champion for equity, I added that I want to work in a place where employees feel safe and valued for their contribution. While I was not not looking to change the job, I kept thinking about my ideal work culture. Holding people accountable is crucial for an..

The use of Hyperbole in a Professional Setting.

The word Hyperbole comes from Ancient Greek “Above +Throw”, which means exaggerating for effect. Examples- super-excited, you are awesome (as the whole package) instead of calling out and appreciating a particular behavior or a task one might have completed, etc. While I have been guilty of..

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Authentic Leadership

As I started my leadership journey, I started observing leaders around, I thought I had to keep up with the facade of executive detachment and soon realized this is not who I am. I wanted to lead authentically, in a way that felt right to me. I started asking myself “How do I want to be seen with authenticity? What do I want people to know about me, what story I wanted them to hear even before I entered the room?”..

5 Power Tips to Effectively Present your case to the Executive Team.

Leaders are evaluated by their ability to communicate effectively. Influence is the key to leadership and leaders often need to sell their ideas to motivate others. However, it is not always an easy task to sell an idea "up". It depends on your ability to persuade, requiring you to move people toward a position they don't currently hold. You need to frame your idea in ways that appeal to the diverse group of leaders in a convincing way..

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How to Manage Your Emotions as a Woman Leader.

Imposter tendency, Overt Self Criticism, and Insecurity seem to be the common themes among Women Leaders. I want to share my personal experience around this and share what has helped me. Along with other things like coaching, around 2 years ago, I started practicing these simple things described in the talk in comments, and I have seen a major shift in how I am dealing with my mistakes and my emotions..

4 Questions to Ask Yourself after A Difficult Conversation

Having to do difficult conversations is an inevitable and crucial part of leadership. While we might not always enjoy them, I see them as the bread and butter for hands-on learning. I have created this simple framework for self-reflection to guide the effective learning process after difficult conversations..

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8 Power Tips Before You End A Meeting.

As a woman leader, one faces a variety of unique challenges that require practical tactics and strategies to navigate. It is difficult to climb the leadership ladder; it is equally challenging to influence across teams even with an official title. Women leaders face a common dilemma. If she is an assertive leader, she is perceived as too dominant or bossy. If she is not assertive enough, she is seen as weak or a pushover...

7 Power Tips for Skilful Self-Reflection with the sole purpose of Lifelong Learning

Dictionary definition of learning is “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.” For leaders, the most crucial and common way of learning happens through experience, and as we often say, leadership is flying the plane while building it. Moreover, the onus of making the process of learning an active one is on the leader and self-reflection is the key to it. So, what’s self-reflection? Simply put, reflection is a conscious..

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5 Power Tips to Refine Your Critical Thinking Skill.

One thing, which is constant about Healthcare, is that it is continuously evolving. The challenges Healthcare leaders are facing are not simple. They are often multifaceted, which require strategic, creative, and inclusive solutions. There are competing priorities and goals. Critical thinking has become an essential skill for all healthcare leaders. Here are five simple tips to help you practice your critical thinking skill..

3 Power Tips for Physician Women Seeking Leadership Prospects.

Women are now outnumbering men in Medical school; they tend to have higher grades than men do. They are equally educated, talented, and skillful but they do not achieve promotions or advancements at the same rate as men. To achieve gender parity and bring about institutional changes, we cannot wait for an invitation to the table. Let’s acknowledge the role of unconscious bias in the workplace; people like to promote other people who are like them. If a woman or woman of color waited for an invitation, it might just never happen..

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5 Power Tips to Practice Effective Negotiation.

According to the World Economic Forum, US women won’t gain equality with men for another 200 years. There are many factors behind this wage disparity including discrimination, motherhood penalty, stereotyping, and implicit bias, etc. While most of these factors are systemic and need a much bigger reform, research shows that women physicians do not negotiate at all or do not negotiate effectively, adding more to the insult. We cannot wait for another 200 years and to negotiate effectively is one of the steps we need to take ASAP..