"I am committed to be a champion for progress, leading with authenticity and accountability, to create a world of equality, where every single person deserves respect and dignity."

My Story

I was the fourth daughter to a lower-middle-class family in a small Indian town. From a very early age, I learned that as a girl in a patriarchal culture, I will not be treated as an equal without a fight. At age 6, I renamed myself from something that reminded me of the patriarchal culture and fierce “Priti” was born..

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My Blogs

These are my learnings as a woman leader. I hope to inspire and influence other healthcare leaders, especially WOC through my blogs

Pearls from My Readings

These are Bullet-point summaries of My Readings

Latest Blog

7 Power Tips for Skilful Self-Reflection with the sole purpose of Lifelong Learning

Dictionary definition of learning is “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.” For leaders, the most crucial and common way of learning happens through experience, and as we often say, leadership is flying the plane while building it. Moreover, the onus of making the process of learning an active one is on the leader and self-reflection is the key to it..

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What People Are Saying..

"As a young immigrant medical professional, I felt lost for the first two years as a faculty and Was reaching a point where I felt emotionally and physically burnt out. Then I found Priti and her platform “Physician Women in Leadership”. Priti has created something so wonderful here with the sole intention of helping and uplifting each other. Her work ethics and organizational skills are reflected through her posts and blogs where she summarizes salient points through graphics and power tips. She is precisely the kind of women leadership we currently need, when diversity, inclusion, and need for leaders free of bias is paramount."
Anju Yadav, MD
Assistant Professor, Philadelphia
"Priti is an authentic leader, who thrives in watching other women succeed. It delights me to know and to meet another woman that isn't insecure or worried about another woman's success. As one who has benefited from her blogs, I am excited about this website and I am sure anyone who reads it will learn a thing or two about leadership, mindfulness, and balance."
Ebere Azumah, MD, MPH, ACC, FACOG
Founder, Healthy & Uplifted
Priti helped me see my “Big Why” in a less than a 30 min phone call. I deeply admire her honest, simple, and authentic views on the most complex issues in healthcare. She clearly gets the big picture and is not afraid to think outside of the box. She is a resilient leader with a strategic vision with a deep desire and passion to help other women. I truly appreciate her blogs; they feed my soul and I find them so useful for day-to-day leadership issues. Priti is an inspiration to ALL physicians (men and women) who aspire to grow their leadership role; many of us see her as a trusted advisor and a true mentor.
Anju Suhag, MD
Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician, Ohio

On why I founded 'Physician Women In Leadership'